My Mother

Soft, mild and beautiful was she
Her eyes shining, her cheeks glowing

Her skin very fair
Her fingers long and lean

He hair long and white as snow
To me, she’s the most gracious and valient woman, my mother.

Widowed at the age of twenty eight
Darkness covered her with no sympathy

But the ‘Divine light’ penetrated her eyes
The unknown force held her shivering hands

And she turned bold and confident
Fighting and fighting she thrived

An came out with flying colors
Sitting in the ‘Chariot of Gods’
She surpassed all the hurdles

Nature was alwyas her friend,
Who shared all her feelings
Sorrows, suffering and happiness
Nature consoled her by the gently ‘perfumed breeze’
And transferred messages of calmness and serenity.

The Meenachil river flowing behing her house
Was the witness of her ever enduring life.
Years passwd and she finisehd eight and a half decades

At last all the memories bid farewell to her
Except her mind full of love and emotions
Conveyed her love throught strong hugs and kisses
Which will last forever

Fullly she became a child
And we nurtured her like a child
Days passed one by one
Enjoying her sweet kisses and hugs

One fine morning the ‘angels’ came from the heaven
And took her away to the ‘eternal bliss’.
Without waiting for our permission

Now her ‘soul’ dwells in our home
Showering peace, Harmony and happiness.
Which we are enjoying every moment.

— A Daughter’s Tribute to her mother